Levi Galbreath

Levi Galbreath

Communications and Office Specialist

Levi Galbreath works for the Say Yes office. He is an award-winning editor and communications specialist. His warm and friendly demeanor has interviewed two United States presidential candidates and led teams as editor-in-chief of two global publications.

He has 20 years of diversity leadership and education that’s been recognized by multibillion-dollar companies and led efforts as the diversity officer. He’s also worked in crisis counseling for The Trevor Project aiding distressed youth. Locally, Levi has been responsible for parades and fundraising throughout Buffalo.

Levi has a Bachelors from St. Bonaventure University in Journalism, Mass Communication, and English Literature. He is the President and Area Director for Toastmasters International. In his spare time, Levi runs a global diversity initiative that unites the people in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Japan.

Leadership Team

David Rust is the Executive Director of Say Yes Buffalo.

Tanya Staples is the Senior Director of Community Schools.

Esther Annan is a Program Director at Say Yes Buffalo.

Betsy Behrend is the Senior Director for Operations and Communications at Say Yes to Education, Buffalo.

Carol is the Senior Director of Preventive Services.

Collin Gehl is the Talent Acquisition and Development Manager with Child & Family Services / Say Yes to Education Buffalo.

Tommy McClam is the Director of the Boys and Men of Color Initiative at Say Yes to Education, Buffalo.

Daphne Ross is the Senior Director for College Success and Communications at Say Yes Buffalo.

Our Team

Kameron Jackson is Community Schools Specialist.

Aracely Rodriguez-Perez is the Community Schools Navigator at Herman Badillo School #76.

Christopher J. Lee is Data Director serving in a joint position with Say Yes Buffalo and Buffalo Public Schools

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