Esther Annan, LMSW

Esther Annan, LMSW

Program Director

With a background in Mental Health and Juvenile Justice, Esther Annan joins Say Yes Buffalo as Director of Data and Evaluation. Prior to joining Say Yes Buffalo, Esther was a Social Worker and Juvenile Justice Counselor for Erie County Youth Services/Social Services. She is a native of Ghana; West Africa, who relocated to Buffalo, NY from Staten Island to pursue her post-secondary education. Since moving to Buffalo to pursue her degrees in 2000, she found her passion in working with underprivileged and under-served youths and their families.

Obtaining her Masters Social Work in 2006, Esther began her passion for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice in 2005, as an intern in Erie County Secure Youth Detention, and within this system of care also served as a Forensic Mental Health Specialist. Over the years, she has worked with strength and evidenced based practices such as Dialectal Behavioral Therapy, Multisystemic Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and a diverse of Trauma Informed Practices. Through practice and experience, she has been able to work with multiple dual disordered treatment modalities in providing clinical care to many clients and their families.

She is an Alum of the State University of New York at Buffalo. She is also a member of many organizations in the community, which allows her to engage in many charitable endeavors to educate, empower, and strengthen the family system.

Contact Esther at eannan@sayyestoeducation.org or 716-247-5310, ext. 206

Leadership Team

David Rust is the Executive Director of Say Yes Buffalo.

Tanya Staples is the Senior Director of Community Schools.

Esther Annan is a Program Director at Say Yes Buffalo.

Betsy Behrend is the Senior Director for Operations and Communications at Say Yes to Education, Buffalo.

Carol is the Senior Director of Preventive Services.

Collin Gehl is the Talent Acquisition and Development Manager with Child & Family Services / Say Yes to Education Buffalo.

Tommy McClam is the Director of the Boys and Men of Color Initiative at Say Yes to Education, Buffalo.

Daphne Ross is the Senior Director for College Success and Communications at Say Yes Buffalo.

Our Team

Christopher J. Lee is Data Director serving in a joint position with Say Yes Buffalo and Buffalo Public Schools

Jamil Crews is Digital Communications Manager.

Daun Nicholas is the Community Schools Northeast and South Zone Leader.

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