Durgham Alyasiri

Durgham Alyasiri

Northeast Community School Zone Leader

Durgham Alyasiri is the West Community School Zone Leader at Say Yes Buffalo.

I am an advocate for marginalized groups and a voice of empowerment to those in my community who seek equal opportunity and transformative support for them and their families. Through my role as the Say Yes Buffalo and Community Schools Zone Leader, I have the privilege to cultivate partnerships to leverage programs, services, and resources to support students, their parents, families, and community. Taking a holistic approach to education and community development has allowed me to be the catalyst that connects the dots between local businesses, higher education partners, financial partners, and healthcare organizations in a mutually beneficial fashion that allows everyone to meet their organizations’ goals while supplementing the education of our Buffalo residents.

My work and life have been shaped by the values of hope, authenticity, and integrity. Hope for a brighter future for the community as a whole, and the youth in particular. Authenticity in engaging the community, empowering residents through education and access, and advocacy for the community’s best interest. Integrity in carrying out my moral duties and responsibilities as a pillar of support to those in my community who are willing and able, but don’t have access to equitable growth opportunities to help them be independent and contributing members of society.

Leadership Team

David Rust is the Executive Director of Say Yes Buffalo.

Tanya Staples is the Senior Director of Community Schools.

Betsy Behrend is the Senior Director for Operations and Communications at Say Yes to Education, Buffalo.

Collin Gehl is the Talent Acquisition and Development Manager with Child & Family Services / Say Yes to Education Buffalo.

Tommy McClam is the Director of the Boys and Men of Color Initiative at Say Yes to Education, Buffalo.

Daphne Ross is the Senior Director for College Success and Communications at Say Yes Buffalo.

Gellenia Smallwood is the Parent Center Director at Say Yes Buffalo.

Emily Wyckoff is the Senior Director for Development and Strategic Partnership at Say Yes Buffalo.

Our Team

Christopher J. Lee is Data Director serving in a joint position with Say Yes Buffalo and Buffalo Public Schools

Jamil Crews is Digital Communications Manager.

Daun Nicholas is the Community Schools Northeast and South Zone Leader.

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