Daun Nicholas

Community School Navigator | Community Schools & Parent Centers


BA in Broadcast & Communications, Buffalo State University


I love people especially our youth! I have had the privilege of collaborating with youth for nearly 25 years, actively participating in various roles. Throughout my career, I have successfully managed afterschool programs, led youth groups in Sunday school, and utilized my communications and broadcasting degree to pursue a fulfilling career in the television industry for almost 15 years. Additionally, I have been able to establish and oversee my own afterschool video production program, empowering young individuals to express their voices through self-produced videos. These remarkable creations have been showcased in annual film festivals, which have brought me immense joy and a sense of fulfillment. I am particularly passionate about driving new initiatives that foster progress, forge connections, and embrace creativity, all while ensuring success and personal growth for all involved.

What draws you to work at Say Yes?

The positive impact I am able to have with others, whether it’s helping them to overcome a challenge, support during a difficult time or simply bringing there to listen and offer guidance. Say Yes Buffalo is the place to meet individuals with unique backgrounds which has broaden my understanding of our community and world.

Hobbies & Passions

Roller Skating | Producing | Directing | Video Editing

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