After School

Say Yes is actively working with the Buffalo Public School District to provide quality after school programming.



A core aspect of the Say Yes approach is to ensure quality after school and summer camp programming for all students. To bring this to fruition in Buffalo, Say Yes and the Buffalo Public Schools convened a working group made up of parents, funders, current after school providers and researchers. This group met weekly over six months in 2013 to design what is now known as the BPS/Say Yes After School Framework.

The Framework takes into account the specific resources available in Western New York, as well as the specific challenges faced by students in the Buffalo Public Schools. It then layers on what research indicates are the most critical aspects of an extended-day program. In particular, it focuses on three core-components: academics, positive youth development and health/wellness. These programs are focused on data driven solutions to strengthen educational outcomes for students, while also expanding their life-experiences through mentoring, field trips and other differentiated learning opportunities.

The full BPS/Say Yes After School Framework was launched at eight of Buffalo’s Public Schools in February 2014 and a similar version has been in operation for over 10 years at several schools through the 21st Century program. During the time it was in operation students, parents and teachers reported stunning results. Students who previously neglected their homework were now turning it in every day. Others who misbehaved at school and at home became more focused and better behaved after receiving specialized and 1:1 support during the after school hours. Teachers reported that their students who participated in the after school programs were academically outperforming their peers after just a few months.

The after school programs developed through this effort are currently on hold. To find out if there is after school programming at your school contact that school’s principal.

For more information about our After School efforts contact Dan Cross-Viola at [email protected] or 716-247-5310 x217.