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Who’s Eligible?

Say Yes Scholarships will be awarded to all graduates of the Guilford County Schools system who were enrolled in and completed their junior and senior years at a GCS high school. The percentage of the last-dollar tuition scholarship awarded is based on how long a student has been enrolled in GCS:

Students enrolled before or by 6th grade are eligible for 100 percent of the last-dollar tuition scholarship; Students enrolled after 6th grade would receive partial awards.

Please note: Students who enroll only for senior year at a GCS high school would not be eligible for a Say Yes Scholarship.

How Scholarships Work

Students will apply to the post-secondary schools of their choice. Students have to “do the work” to get accepted — the standards don’t change as a result of the Say Yes Guilford scholarships. They will also apply for student aid (Pell grants, other scholarships, etc.).

  • When a GCS graduate chooses to attend a public college or university in North Carolina, a Say Yes Scholarship will cover his of her tuition balance (the cost of tuition minus student aid received) each semester. These dollars are raised locally and held in an endowment.
  • GCS graduates can also receive tuition support if they choose to attend a private college or university in the Say Yes to Education College Compact. <link to 3.1> The rules of each institution determines eligibility, but generally the following would apply:
  • If family annual income is less than $75,000, the college/university will cover the full tuition cost for the student, minus any grants or scholarships.
  • If family annual income is more than $75,000, the student will receive a $5,000 annual Say Yes Scholarship to apply to the cost of tuition.

There are some important rules about how many semesters are covered by the Say Yes Scholarships. You may also want to see some examples of how scholarships work based on different situations.

College Costs Beyond Tuition

Say Yes Scholarships aren’t designed to cover the full cost of post-secondary education. However, they do make the process of paying for the full cost of college feasible. Learn about supports GCS is putting in place to help students afford college costs beyond tuition.

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