What are Parent Centers?

The Parent Centers are a part of the Strong Community Schools Strategy and are located at four Community High Schools (Bennett, East, Lafayette, and South Park). The Parent Centers provide families with education, resources and programming that build parents’ knowledge, skills and networks for supporting and partnering in their child’s education. To achieve this goal a variety of activities, services, and learning sessions are offered daily.

Legal Clinics

Say Yes Legal Clinics are offered throughout the school year with topics ranging from family law, public benefit access law, landlord/tenant law, housing law, and much more (criminal law is not covered by this program). Legal advice can be obtained by contacting the Volunteer Lawyers Project at the phone numbers listed in the graphic below.

Examples of non-criminal legal issues that the clinics provide advice on include (but are not limited to: Bankruptcy, Employment, Immigration, Housing, Family Law, Small Claims, Custody Issues, Foreclosure, Landlord/Tenant, Adoption, Guardianship and Divorce

Get in Touch

For more information about our Legal Clinics call 716-828-8491 or email Margarita Rivera’ Rusch at

Legal Clinic Partners

The Say Yes Buffalo Legal Clinics are made possible through a partnership with the Erie County Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyers Project, the Buffalo Public School District and the law firms and attorneys who volunteer their time. Thank you!

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