By Kevin Jolly  |  November 4, 2017 @5:48 PM


BUFFALO, N.Y. — Two organizations are joining forces to deliver childhood development resources to children and their families in Buffalo.

“When he was about a year old he wasn’t crawling and he wasn’t walking he was actually scooting on his bottom which we thought was very cute,” said Kyeong Hi.

However, and her husband Bernard soon found out that there was something wrong with their son Noah.

“I think the daycare teachers tried to drop hints to us like, he’s a little slow, you know, ut it just never occurred to us that he was so critically delayed,” said Kyeong Hi.

Kyeong Hi and Bernard took Noah to Buffalo State early education students with the Help Me Grow program for an assessment.

“They did an assessment and it turns out he was very delayed. So, lie I said he was in the part of one percent of his gross motor development. It was a wake up call,” said Kyeong Hi.

Saturday “Help Me Grow” announced it’s partnering with Say Yes and Buffalo Public Schools to make sure children like Noah get all the help they need.

“What we do is we provide resources and information and connections to local services that help families with children up to age five, so that they can stay on track developmentally and they can thrive and they can be ready  for school and ready for success in life,” said Lynn Pullano, Help Me Grow WNY director.

“There’s multiple indicators of lifelong success that are tied to early childhood indicators. In fact,  85 percent of brain development happen by the age of five. So, yes we are trying to screen, assess, and link services to students that may need them so they can start kindergarten on time, they can start kindergarten healthy and ready to grow, ready to learn, and have a productive career in the public school system,” said David Rust, Say Yes Buffalo.

Kyeang Hi says Noah is working regularly with a physical therapist in developing his motor skills. She says thanks to Help Me Grow she’s confident he’ll ready for the world.

“He’s working on other skills other than running. They’re very confident that he’ll catch up by the time he goes to school which is three years old,” said Kyeong Hi.

For more information on “Help Me Grow,” visit this website.


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