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A blog written by our Early Childhood Supervisor designed to support parents with the social-emotional development of their children during this time.

Go Dance in the Rain!

Last night, my girls danced in the rain. Yes, it was close to bedtime. Yes, we could’ve found other more “productive” things to do. But as their little faces looked at me with excitement (hoping I would say yes), I chose to relish in that moment.

As we continue to deal with all the stress of COVID-19—the responsibilities and the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with that—we need to prioritize being a kid. Prioritize the precious moments! Let’s continue cherishing those moments where kids can be kids, where we can take pleasure and solace in knowing that for just a few moments, social distancing became a little bit easier and we remembered how to be light-hearted again.

We have to make the most of the situation at hand. Don’t give up! Brighter days are coming.

PS: Don’t forget that play is important & beneficial to growth and development. Playing in the rain supports motor skills, problem-solving, imagination, etc. And it’s fun!



A guide to supporting children’s social-emotional well being at this time.

Meaningful May, a calendar guide to social emotional health:

Help young children think of strategies to use when they start to feel emotional with this story which includes practice techniques for managing strong emotions and possible solutions for practicing problem solving skills.

Tucker Turtle Takes Time to Think (English)

La tortuga Tucker toma tiempo para detenerse y pensar

Ages Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) activities to do at home.

ASQ activities for Social-Emotional health. 

Useful guide regarding mask-wearing and children:


Challenging behaviors story resource to read with young children. (Spanish version)

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