Our Donors

We are grateful to the more than 600 individuals, families, businesses and organizations that have committed their support to the Say Yes Buffalo Scholarship and the Say Yes Buffalo Endowment Fund.

Made possible by more than 600 Angel Donors, Say Yes Buffalo’s scholarships are the fuel that make the entire initiative viable. While every dollar given by our scholarship donors goes directly toward college scholarships for Buffalo students we are also able to leverage this support to incentivize public and other private entities to invest in the programmatic aspects of our work, which are so critical to ensuring students are adequately prepared to take advantage of the scholarships.

In short, our donors’ collective demonstration of belief in and support for Say Yes Buffalo has brought countless other partners and funders together to further our work.

If at any time you have questions about how Say Yes Buffalo scholarships and supports are funded please do not hesitate to contact Daphne Ross at 716-310-3686 or [email protected].

About our donors

Individuals, families, foundations, businesses and organizations throughout Western New York and beyond have chosen to support the Say Yes Buffalo Scholarship because of a common belief that we can achieve a better regional economy if we invest in the education of our city’s young people.

Announcing Say Yes ... Forever

Say Yes Buffalo recently announced the start of a 5-year, $100 million endowment campaign, to secure funding for its scholarships to Buffalo public and charter school students in perpetuity.