College Success Director

The Buffalo College Success Director focuses on implementing a college success agenda for Say Yes Buffalo scholars. This initiative, funded through national philanthropy, seeks to catalyze our existing efforts by expanding on what we know has worked to remove barriers to student achievement in the K-12 space, and mirror those supports on IHE campuses. Broadly, this position will:

-Strengthen connections between our public schools and institutions of higher education to support and ease the high school-to-postsecondary transition.

-Foster sharing of best practices and programs for student matriculation, persistence and completion amongst postsecondary institutions.

-Increase our community’s capacity to share data across P-16 and use that data to strengthen student outcomes.

-Increase our higher education partners’ capacity, through the addition of sustainable services, to remove non-academic barriers that prevent students from persisting and completing IHE programs.


  • Convene and facilitate (prepare agendas, meeting minutes) collective impact lead partner workgroup for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) grant; This steering group will be known as the Buffalo College Success Network
  • Convene and facilitate (prepare agenda’s, meeting minutes) workgroups for BMGF grant including:
    • -College success supports (college counselors, mental health clinics)
    • -P-12 Data System (with Data/Knowledge Management liaison and Data Director)
    • -Post-secondary Preparation, Transition and Success Curriculum
  • Convene and facilitate internal Say Yes Buffalo team relating to BMGF grant (scholarship, community schools, mentoring, clinics, communications, development)
  • Work with local Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) to launch support services on campus, including college success counselors and mental health clinics
  • Partner with Say Yes Buffalo mentoring team to implement near-peer mentoring in the Buffalo Public Schools
  • Work with data and knowledge management liaison and IHE’s to develop outcome, measurement, and grant reporting deliverables at established points in time
  • Work with internal communications team to support new programming, services, case studies, and the P-12 data system
  • Serve as liaison for BMGF grant convening over 22 month period (5 in total, including one to be held in Buffalo)
  • Serve as liaison for best practice site visits over 22 month period
  • Lead process to hire Data Director; supervise individual once selected
  • Serve as the BMGF Grant Liaison
  • Serve as the liaison with Say Yes to Education on college access and retention work
  • Other duties as needed 


  • A minimum of ten (10) years prior related work experience, at least half is at the management level, preferably at either an association, non-profit, government or similar organization
  • Demonstrated competency in a discipline related to functional responsibilities of the position, including grant management; human services; higher education; administration; and intervention programs/services
  • Demonstrated strong administrative and analytical skills, including experience using performance metrics to measure results, and operational monitoring/management of program effectiveness
  • Strong project management skills with integrity, including ability to design, implement, and direct multiple projects, setting deadlines and ensure timely execution and accountability; Extensive administrative experience
  • Exemplary interpersonal skills with ability to work effectively with SYB/SYTE/IHE staff, partners and other individuals and groups, which builds positive collaborative relationships
  • Exceptional written and oral communications; highly skilled at executive-level communications and public speaking
  • Ability to resolve problems efficiently, effectively and independently
  • Valid NYS Driver’s license

To apply, visit: https://recruiting.ultipro.com/CHI1024/JobBoard/fc2db33d-38be-deed-f072-cce806dbf68f/OpportunityDetail?opportunityId=8df46aeb-2884-4b8f-8880-10c0f2908b41


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