Say Yes Buffalo Care Coordination

A free program in partnership with an approved children’s Health Home available to children in select Buffalo Public and Buffalo Charter schools. Learn more below.

What is Health Homes Care Coordination?

Care Coordination focuses on the overall well-being and success of students to address behavioral, mental health and medical needs.  We believe in a patient-centric model of care ensuring improved communication by all providers.

By coordinating services through school and community providers, students have the ability to increase specific outcomes such as school attendance, grades, behavior, mental and physical health, community involvement and social skills.

How Say Yes Buffalo’s Care Coordination can assist your child to be their healthiest self:


  • Assessing your child’s health goals and help reach them
  • Assistance in obtaining appointments with healthcare providers and coordinating the delivery of services
  • Helping to connect to community-based supports

How does eligibility for this program work? Here are the full eligibility guidelines from New York State. 

How can I find out more?

Fill out the form below and we will get in touch!

For more information about Say Yes Buffalo Care Coordination contact  Amanda Paul at [email protected].