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Now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 Say Yes Buffalo Ambassador Program!
Workshops begin in December!

What are Say Yes Buffalo Ambassadors?

The Say Yes Buffalo Ambassadors (SYBAs) are a select group of full-time college students dedicated to the positive promotion of Say Yes Buffalo and Higher Education within their community. These young leaders serve as liaisons between Say Yes Buffalo and students, families, higher education, Buffalo public and charter schools, donors, and other key stakeholders in the Say Yes Buffalo partnership. After participating in our leadership development program, they participate in Say Yes Buffalo events, serve as guest speakers and greeters, serve as role models and mentors for other young adults, and help educate the community at large about the mission of Say Yes Buffalo and the importance of using higher education to pursue success. 

What are the benefits of becoming a SYBA?

As a SYBA in our leadership program, you’ll learn how to use your strengths to build your own unique leadership style and how to use those leadership skills in various professional and community settings. Our workshop facilitators are experts in their field and leaders in our community. 

As a SYBA, you have the opportunity to 

  • Participate in no cost monthly professional development workshops on topics such as leadership skills, racial equity and inclusion, public speaking, public relations, and networking
  • Develop your own unique professional portfolio including a personalized DiSC assessment, complete LinkedIn profile, professionally reviewed resume and cover letter, and resource guide to ongoing professional development and career opportunities
  • Practice your leadership skills as a volunteer for various SYB events such as Say Yes Buffalo Scholar College Kick-off, Donor and Scholar thank you events, and scholarship fairs 
  • Practice your leadership skills as a volunteer for community wide events such as Juneteenth, the Puerto Rican Day parade, and more 
  • Build your professional network 
  • Serve as a positive role model in the community and on your college campus 
  • Help foster Say Yes Buffalo’s positive reputation in and around the City of Buffalo
  • Connect with other Say Yes Buffalo Scholar peers

To obtain a SYBA certificate of completion, you must:

  • Volunteer for a minimum of 3 SYB or community events
  • Participate in an orientation session and our monthly workshops
  • Assist with recruitment of additional SYBAs
  • Serve as a positive role model in the community and on your college campus
  • Help foster Say Yes Buffalo’s positive reputation in and around the City of Buffalo

Eligibility Requirements

You must be Say Yes eligible and enrolled full-time at a local Say Yes partner college. Enrollment must be maintained throughout the duration of your participation in the program. You should have an interest in growing professionally, developing your leadership skills, and serving as a positive role model in our community.

You are Say Yes Eligible if any one of these categories below describe you

  1. You reside in the City of Buffalo and attended a Buffalo Public School or Buffalo Charter School for grades 9 through 12
  2. You reside in the City of Buffalo and attended Buffalo Public Schools Adult Education College Career Institute
  3. You reside in the City of Buffalo, attended Buffalo Public Schools for any amount of time, and have McKinney-Vento status, refugee status, or foster care placement

To Apply to be a Say Yes Buffalo Ambassador 

  1. Submit your SYBA application online.
  2. Upload verification of your higher education enrollment (we will accept a copy of your student ID, letter of acceptance, an unofficial transcript, or course schedule).
  3. If possible, upload a letter of recommendation from a teacher, professor, supervisor, or family/friend.

If you have any questions or need any assistance or accommodations completing the application, please contact: 

Ariel Peters, Community Schools Specialist at [email protected]

Link to Say Yes Buffalo Ambassador Application

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