Say Yes Student Ambassador Program 


The Say Yes Ambassadors (SYAs) are a select group of college students dedicated to the positive promotion of Say Yes Buffalo within their community. These volunteers will serve as liaisons between Say Yes Buffalo and students, families, higher education, Buffalo public and charter schools, donors, and other key stakeholders in the Say Yes partnership. They will participate in Say Yes events throughout the year, serve as guest speakers and greeters, and help educate the community at large about the mission of Say Yes.

As part of their commitment to the SYA program, students will have the opportunity to develop and receive training in professional communication, public relations, interpersonal and networking skills, and exposure to higher education, internship, and career opportunities.

Students selected for the program are expected to make a one-year commitment. There will be potential for ambassadors to extend their commitment beyond the first year should they wish to take on enhanced leadership opportunities.

SYAs may participate in the following events and activities:

  • Community Leadership Council meeting (3 times/year)
  • Angel Donor Breakfast (3 times/year)
  • Say Yes Scholar College Kick-Off scheduled for Summer 2021
  • Donor/Scholar Thank You event
  • Say Yes workshops
  • Scholarship fairs
  • Writing letters and thank you notes to donors
  • Making telephone calls to donors
  • Additional events, such as promotional events, donor dinners/cocktail parties, etc.
  • Community events, such as Juneteenth, the Puerto Rican Day parade, etc.
  • Office volunteer work as needed


  • Enhance communication and public speaking skills
  • Networking opportunities
  • Leadership experience
  • Skill-building for resume enhancement
  • End of year celebration
  • Personalized DiSC Assessment
  • Say Yes padfolio


  1. Volunteer for a minimum of 3 events per year (MANDATORY)
  2. Participate in an orientation session and professional workshops. Ambassadors cannot miss more than 2 workshops (MANDATORY)
  3. Complete leadership skills activities outside of scheduled meetings
  4. Assist with recruitment of additional SYAs
  5. Serve as a positive role model in the community and on student’s college campus
  6. Help foster Say Yes’s positive reputation in and around the City of Buffalo


  1. Must be Say Yes eligible and enrolled at a local Say Yes partner college. Enrollment must be maintained throughout the duration of your participation in the program.
  2. Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA
  3. Be in good standing at your college and passing all classes
  4. Have a willingness to share your story in front of large audiences
  5. Positive attitude
  6. Excellent communication skills
  7. Knowledge of Say Yes Buffalo scholarship and services a plus!


To be considered for the program, candidates must submit the SYA application, below. Included with the application, students must also submit a copy of their most recent transcript and course schedule. Applications and all supporting documents for the 2020 – 2021 cohort are due by 5 pm on August 21st, 2020. No exceptions.

For information, contact Johanna Caplan, Internship and Career Pathways Program Supervisor at jcaplan@sayyesbuffalo.org or by calling 716.468.0016. 


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