Meet Our Team

The Say Yes Buffalo team includes Family Support Specialists, Community School Navigators, and Administrators.

Leadership Team

David Rust is the Chief Executive Officer and founding Executive Director.

Betsy Behrend is the Senior Director for Operations and Communications.

Dan Cross-Viola is the Director of Extended Learning and Quality Improvement.

Laura DeLuca is the Chief Financial Officer.

Collin Gehl is the Director of Human Resources.

Christopher J. Lee is Data Director serving in a joint position with Say Yes Buffalo and Buffalo Public Schools

Amanda Paul is Senior Director of School-Based Services. She can be reached at [email protected] and at 716-468-0043.

Tanya Staples is the Senior Director of Community Schools.

Our Team

Jennifer Ray is Internship & Career Pathways Program Assistant.

Amber Quinney is an Executive Assistant at Say Yes Buffalo.

Tereka Baltimore is the Say Yes Scholar Mentoring Supervisor at Say Yes to Education, Buffalo.

LeRondra Byrd is a Family Support Specialist Supervisor at Say Yes to Education, Buffalo.

Johanna Caplan is the Internship and Career Pathways Supervisor for Student Outreach at Say Yes to Education, Buffalo.

Jamil Crews is Digital Communications Manager.

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