The breakthrough component of Say Yes Buffalo is the transparent, collaborative governance structure that guides all efforts and reports on progress to the public at large. This collaborative approach recognizes that Erie County, the City of Buffalo, and the Buffalo Public School District all hold critical pieces of the puzzle, that the solutions reside between and among these systems, and that improving academic outcomes for urban youth with scale demands a cross-sector, cross-government approach.

Community Leadership Council

Comprised of more than 60 elected officials, business leaders, educators, parents, District officials, community leaders and faith leaders, the Community Leadership Council is charged with monitoring and facilitating the progress of Say Yes Buffalo.

Operating Committee

The Say Yes Buffalo Operating Committee meets monthly to review progress, challenges and opportunities related to Say Yes Buffalo and its work.

Board of Directors

Funding for Say Yes Buffalo scholarships is provided by private individuals, families, businesses and organizations who live in or care about Western New York.