Welcome to Say Yes Buffalo! Our mission is to remove barriers to educational and economic attainment for our young people.

We provide a scholarship promise to Buffalo Public School and charter school graduates, plus all the Pre-K through grade 12 supports children and families need to stay healthy and succeed in school.

We also work with local employers and higher education programs to connect young people to job training and employment opportunities.

For immediate assistance call 716-247-5310 or email info@sayyesbuffalo.org.


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Say Yes Buffalo Scholarships and Grants are available to graduates of Buffalo public and charter schools and are privately funded by individuals, families, businesses and organizations.

Scholarship inquiries may be directed at buffaloscholarship@sayyesbuffalo.org.

Earn While you Learn

Say Yes Buffalo coordinates paid apprenticeships for our graduating seniors and paid internships for graduates of Buffalo public and charter schools. Learn more below!

Jewell Eason

City Honors School & Niagara University

Everything I’ve done and where I am today is because of Say Yes. Without Say Yes, I would not have been able to come to Niagara. I wouldn’t have been able to afford it. And if I wasn’t here, I don’t think I would have been able to find my passion for communications.”

Lew Wah

Riverside Institute of Technology, Buffalo State University

“Say Yes Buffalo is very amazing. It has helped me in so many ways, I can’t even describe. It’s helped me with job, financially, with college tuition. It’s like a blessing that has like helped me personally and by helping me, they’ve helped my entire family.”

Jesana Gadley

Frederick Law Olmsted High School, Canisius College

“As someone who has been able to take advantage of Say Yes, I’ve been able to really benefit from a lot of the work that’s been done to help expand programs and create access for persons like myself and from different backgrounds throughout Buffalo.

Our Impact

Take a look at the measures the Say Yes Buffalo Partnership regularly evaluates to see if our efforts are on track to strengthen opportunities for Buffalo’s young people.

News, Events & Press

What is Say Yes Buffalo up to right now? Welcome to our information center where we communicate all the work we do and how it impacts our community.

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