BUFFALO, NY, JUNE 11, 2016 – Today, the Say Yes Buffalo Religious Leaders Task Force gathered in a showing of support for Say Yes Buffalo and to share how the religious community is working collectively to support the efforts of the organization.

Formed in 2014, the Say Yes Buffalo Religious Leaders Task Force is comprised of more than 20 leaders from various religions that work with Say Yes Buffalo to share information with their congregants and to create innovative ways to be involved in the education of Buffalo’s students.

“Since launching, the Religious Leaders Task Force has been one of our most successful community led initiatives,” said David Rust, Executive Director of Say Yes Buffalo. “We recognize that the church is a central trusted source to many families and early on, the religious community became a strong supporter of our work and wanted to do more to ensure their respective congregants were informed. We are proud to partner with the religious community of Buffalo.”

The task force is co-chaired by Rev. Rachelle Robinson of Deep Wells Ministries and Rev. Dennis Lee of Hopewell Baptist Church. Since launch, the task force has successfully:

  • Recruited more than 20 leaders from religious organizations to actively participate in the task force
  • Adopted 11 Buffalo Public School buildings, providing tutoring and mentoring to students
  • Recruited 20 churches to host a Say Yes Buffalo summer camp in 2015 and 23 in 2016
  • Held FAFSA completion nights in their churches for graduating high school seniors

To commemorate their support, churches present unveiled new signage on their church vans and that will be placed on church properties to demonstrate the organizations’ engagement with and support for Say Yes Buffalo.

About The Say Yes Buffalo Partnership

Launched in 2012, the Say Yes Buffalo partnership is a community collaboration dedicated to strengthening the city’s public school system and increasing high school and postsecondary graduation rates.  Comprised of the Buffalo Public School District, City of Buffalo, Erie County, the Buffalo Teachers Federation, the District Parent Coordinating Council and more than one-hundred other funders and community-based-organizations is made possible by the collaboration and generosity of Western New York individuals, families, businesses and organizations and Say Yes to Education. More information at www.SayYesBuffalo.org.

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