Of all the supports available through Say Yes Buffalo, the promise of free money for tuition at SUNY/CUNY and private partner schools is perhaps the most critical motivating factor for students to stay the course and graduate from high school.

Say Yes Buffalo Scholarships are locally funded by private individuals, families, businesses and organizations.

  • The Say Yes Buffalo Tuition Scholarship to SUNY/CUNY schools is available to all Say Yes eligible students, regardless of family income
  • Tuition Scholarships to private institutions are also available:  Say Yes Buffalo has recruited an unprecedented network of nearly 100 higher education institutions to participate in a Higher Education Compact.  Most Higher Education Compact private colleges guarantee a full Tuition Scholarship to students from families with incomes of less than $75,000. Students who attend a Higher Education Compact private college and have family incomes over $75,000 may be eligible to receive a Say Yes Choice Grant.  

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