Scholarship Board

Funding for Say Yes Buffalo Scholarships is provided by private individuals, families, businesses and organizations who live in or care about Western New York. The Say Yes Buffalo Scholarship Board determines eligibility for Say Yes Buffalo scholarships and advocates on behalf of the program.


  • Alphonso O’Neil-White, Chair
  • William L. Joyce, Vice Chair
  • Clotilde Perez-Bode Dedecker, Secretary
  • Stephen Swift, Treasurer

  • Nancy Davis
  • Danis J. Gehl, Ph.D.
  • Roger Hungerford
  • Peter F. Hunt
  • Luke Jacobs
  • Jeremy Jacobs Jr.
  • Daniel Lewis
  • Gary Quenneville
  • Rev. Rachelle Robinson
  • Hugh Russ, III
  • Mary Anne Schmitt-Carey
  • Hon. Hugh Scott
  • Nick Sinatra